Founded in 2004, no one does it better than Pivot. From the sand dunes of Dunhuang to the glittering skyscape of Hong Kong, Pivot has created and organized marketing campaigns and events for numerous clients all over Greater China and South East Asia. Our team is comprised of international and local talents who guarantee our clients’ objectives are met every single time. We pride ourselves on always crafting impactful, original and memorable brand stories that your target audience will remember. We bring your brand stories to life, we deliver the right messages to convey your brand values, and we develop innovative strategies to build your fan base.


The world of marketing is inextricably linked with lifestyle trends and entertainment. Pivot recognises this important connection and exercises our expertise in integrating public relations, events and progressive marketing strategies – in one seamless solution to bring your brand to greater heights.


We are an agency that thrives on high energy and new ideas.
The last thing that we want to produce is a “plain-Jane” proposal that fails to differentiate your brand from the rest. We do not want to waste our time or your money with strategies that do not challenge or change the status quo of the market. No matter how big or small the idea, product, or concept is, our team wants to help you make it a reality.